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Job Search Process

Following is the job search process in Israel:


Where you can find open jobs
  • Social Media:

  • Employment agencies


How to write the right CV

·     It is not enough to search and find the job, part of successful process includes sending a good and focused CV, Make sure you have a start with summarized experience and interests

·    Follow the list of past jobs, your education, and achievement

·    Attached recommendations letters

We can help you to write the CV for the specific jobs


Who did I send the CV

The difference between manpower services company and outsource companies.


Good, you have received a call from the requiting company, now what

Following is the typical recruitment and screening process in the local organizations:
Organization advertise the job
Organization sort the resumes
Organization conducting a short telephone interview (5-20 minutes) with the candidate.
Telephone interview is important and should exhibit high confidence, professional proficiency and fluency. The purpose of the interview is getting the candidate’ impression from work and examination and suitability to the job - in terms of education, professional experience and in its suitability to the organization and the job - working hours, geographical location, and other relevant experience.

When you passed the phone interview, you will be invites to a face to face professional and personality interview. The professional interview is with the direct manager when the personal interview with the Human Resources / Recruitment organization.
Our advice is to be prepared for the interview, make sure you know about the organization, the job
objectives, environment and interviewer title.

Some organizations will send you to a full day at classification institute for individual diagnosis
When you passed classification and initial interviews, you will be asked to provide reference names for recommendations and additional verification. Make sure you provide contacts that know you good and can provide a positive and supporting feedback. 
Good, you have passed the all process and the organization is proposing a job contract!! You are in the last mile…

You will be invites to sign on the contract, it is advice to read carefully and take few days for reviewing and making sure you are good with the terms.
We can help you to review the contract, verify the employment details, compare to salary to the local market search and make sure you have a fair proposal.
Call back and set a meeting to sign the contract and if you have comments make sure they are clear and understudy.
Your first day starts with meeting the direct manager, team, gets initial information on the job and interfaces… and starts the new job, Good luck!
We can help you to follow and meet you during the first few months in your new job, to make sure you are have success with the job and overall integration with the company

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