Inter-Geniusהשמה ואבחון תעסוקתי במגוון תחומים ושפות
Job Search Process

> Overview

  •  Providing Olim the professional connections to companies and projects for finding employment.

  • Creating supportive working environments such as personal follow up, administration (accountant, attorney, and infrastructure). 

  •  Guiding, mentoring and training for success and self-development. 

  • Implementing professional services to Israeli companies from overseas by the potential Olim (as worldwide services).

> Current Status

  •  Cultural difference causes job loss or inconsistency.

  • There is no implementation follow up and guidance for successful implementation.
  • Lack of “individual supporting environment” such as office and administration services. 
  •  No support and infrastructure for immigrants who want to work from abroad before actual Alia.

> Solution

  • Guiding, Mentoring and training.

  • Communication, negotiations, how to deliver the services, meet expectations.

  • Adjustment to the local job size or role vs the experience. 

  • Implement global infrastructure to provide services from aboard.

  • Provide office services to offload the expert and provide his best performance.



> Working Together
  • Good implementation should be professional.

  • We have the experience in the: Business, Market and Culture
  • You have the target to success.

  • You have the access and are focal points.

  • Community group.



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