Inter-Geniusהשמה ואבחון תעסוקתי במגוון תחומים ושפות


> What we do..  
  • Identifying local employment opportunities for Olim around the world
  • Increase the success and absorption of Olim in the domestic
  • marketBringing Olim experties and skills to the Israeli market

> What we offer..
  • Connecting Olim to job opportunities and projects in Israel based on employment or outsourcing.
  • Training, mentoring and follow up during the initial work or project tasks.
  • Logistical and administrative support such as office, accounting and networking.
  • Global infrastructure for local immigrates and overseas for potential immigrates that can start providing services to Israeli companies.

 > What we offer to organizations.. 

  • Access to variety of experts that best fit the organization needs and projects
  • Support and train the expert for success and meeting project objectives
  • On going contact and follow up with the organization / project managers to control and optimize the expert services





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